Our machines are made in Sweden and contain high-quality standard components and material.

When we build our machines, we follow high quality criteria and design specifications that are improved over time. We always work towards satisfying the market with products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Our design, materials and software used to develop our products provide the highest efficiency and durability even in difficult working conditions. All our machines meet industrial requirements for high productivity.


Cyklop looks after the environment and the community in various ways. Our consumables, machines and packing systems are produced with sustainability as one of the basic principles: we pay attention to energy consumption, material consumption and user well-being. Our ultimate goal is to produce a good product of the right quality for the right price, and with the lowest environmental impact.

We constantly strive to improve our environmental impact. Investment in energy-saving systems, such as carefully sorting our own waste, is reducing our own energy consumption. As a producer of strapping material, Cyklop is one of the founders of the KBV, an organisation that focuses on the recycling of plastic packaging.

The environment

All too often we see that customers are not using the correct film or not using all capabilities of a machine. As a result, it could be that the customers costs per pallet are too high and that the burden on the environment is unnecessarily high.

We are looking forward on advicing and helping you reach out to your customers with a high quality product that helps them achieve  optimal protection during transport, reduce environmental fottprint and achieve lower costs.

Start saving today!

With our products you can:

  • Save up to 40 – 50% of annual consumption
  • Reduce carbon footprint by saving up to 3 more times on CO2 emissions.
  • Achieve better load safety

Contact us to discuss the benefits of being a Cyklop reseller!

Start saving today!
Please contact us to discuss the benefits for you.

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