Echo Strech

All too often we see that customers are not using the correct film or not using all capabilities of a machine. As a result, it could be that the customers costs per pallet are too high and that the burden on the environment is unnecessarily high.

We are looking forward on advicing and helping you reach out to your customers with a high quality product that helps them achieve  optimal protection during transport, reduce environmental fottprint and achieve lower costs.

We assist you with the right knowledge so you can analyze and evaluate the customers situation so that you can help them become more cost effective and efficent.

Echo-stretch is a technology that helps you and your customers:

  • Achieve good film econonomy
  • Achieve adjustable wrapping
  • Vary the film tension
  • Save up to 40 – 50% of annual consumption
  • Achieve better load safety
  • Reduce carbon footprint by saving up to 3 more times more on CO2 emissions.

Power echo strech

Motor powered pre stretch gives possibilities for a very good film economy.

  • AFD ( Automatic Film Detection) Recognize the thickness of the stretch film
  • and then configure the most economical pre strech ratio for/of the film.
  • Film quality must be of high quality to reach the high level, which this system deliver.
  • Possibility of very high pre stretch with good film quality.
  • With the motor it is possible to vary the film tensions between high and low ratio.
  • Low film tension is necessary when the palletised goods is sensitive, very light,
  • has uneven sides, sharp edges or is considerably smaller than the pallet.
  • Normal setting of gear change: approx 200-300%.
  • Pre stretch measured on the goods is to great extent determined by
  • the film tension set and can be higher but is generally lower than the gear set.
  • The most flexible system for diverse types of goods.


Explanation power pre stretch unit

  • The filmfeed is driven by a servo motor which is powered by DC current.
  • The pre stretching of the film is achieved between the two geared rollers.
  • Seven/eight (depending of machine) different pre stretch can be selected,
  • up to 400%. Filmfeeding is set automatically from choosen value.
  • The filmtype is automatically detected, from 15 – 25 my, cast or blown film.
  • Filmfeeding is set during the first second of the filmcycle, the dancing roller is
  • then moved, then falls back to its initial position, this then sets the speed of
  • the filmfeeding motor to feed out film required.
  • The pre stretch unit on GL2000 is powered by the batteries, controlled by its own
  • PLC and electrical circuit unit. This PLC never needs to be programmed on site,
  • this is done during manufacture.



More than 100 years experience!

We have been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years. From designing to the production in our own factories and from the smallest device to the largest automatic machine. We work for large and small customers working in every possible industry. We have really seen it all.

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