More than 100 years of experience

It all began in 1912 with an idea, some courage and a pioneering spirit. This results in Emil Hoffman founding Cyklop in Keulen, Germany where the global head office is still to be found. Numerous product innovations and patented inventions were the basis for rapid growth and a focused strategy of expansion by the young company. In this way, the company quickly established an outstanding reputation as an expert and market leader in the packing industry.

Since then, Cyklop has grown rapidly and developed a wide range of packing systems and solutions as it built up knowledge in the areas of film wrapping, strapping, taping, coding and bundling.

Progress through innovation

Innovation has always been the foundation for Cyklop’s success. Right from the beginning with the “Gloria” seal, the patented seal closure. Or the revolutionary combination tool for simultaneous tensioning and sealing. These products underpinned the success of our undertaking.

More than 400 patents during the history of the enterprise illustrate the company’s strength of innovation. Our continuing success is also based on continuous customer focus. We research, develop and test in our own factory, always with our customers as the starting point. The end result is in-depth knowledge and customer-oriented solutions. This has made Cyklop one of the world’s leading players for over a century.

Cyklop today, a global company

Cyklop has always been one of the most important brands in the packing industry and remains so today. The head office is in Keulen where an important part of the production is carried out, and it is also the location of the Global Research & Development Centre. Additionally, Cyklop further has 15 factories and production facilities in Spain, Italy, Sweden, the Netherlands, Thailand and Brazil.

Cyklop has direct representation in 19 countries and via its agencies and distribution partners has access to over 50 countries. With more than 750 employees worldwide, we are helping customers on all continents.

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More than 100 years experience!

We have been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years. From designing to the production in our own factories and from the smallest device to the largest automatic machine. We work for large and small customers working in every possible industry. We have really seen it all.

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