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Fully automatic pallet wrappers

Fully automatic pallet wrappers are ideal to integrate into an (existing) production line. The machine does all the work, so the operators don’t have to move pallets and/or attach the film to the pallet.

We offer three different types of fully automatic pallet wrappers: turntable wrappers, arm wrappers and ring wrappers.

Semi-automatic pallet wrappers

Wrapping with semi-automatic pallet wrappers makes wrapping easy. The operator places the pallet on the wrapper, attaches the film to the pallet and starts the wrapping cycle. By using the machine, operators don’t have any physical stress and the wrapping result is very professional.

We offer semi-automatic pallet wrappers in different types: the turntable wrapper and the arm wrapper.

Sheet dispensers

Sometimes its desired to protect the load again dust, dirt and water. A sheet dispenser is the answer. The topsheet protects the load from above, and with the wrapping film around the pallet it is sealed tightly. A topsheet dispenser can be included in a fully automatic packaging line next to a pallet wrapper.

We offer sheet dispensers that can handle sheets up to 1800 mm wide and 2000 mm long.

Strap cutters

To easily recycle plastic or steel strap, it is wise to first cut the material into smaller pieces. This way, the volume is reduced and the small pieces will be collected in a barrel. The strap cutters can process steel strap and plastic strap, including the seals.


More than 100 years experience

We have been working in the packaging industry for more than 100 years. From designing to the production in our own factories and from the smallest device to the largest automatic machine. We work for large and small customers working in every possible industry. We have really seen it all.

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